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.:Pokemon Go:. R and R at the Riverside by CJCroen
.:Pokemon Go:. R and R at the Riverside
Just a cute little picture of my Pokemon Go team resting and relaxing in a natural looking environment, with some wild Pokemon wandering about in the background. Poison Ivy (the Bulbasaur) is taking a nap and soaking up the sun's rays. Stinger (the Beedrill) and Tornado (the flying Pidgeot) are sparring. Toadstool (the Paras) is climbing along the tree root and watching the rushing water. Hurricane (the Pidgeot on the ground) has snatched up a Magikarp for lunch. Wormtail (the Raticate) has found a berry to eat. There are wild Pokemon all around them, including one that I couldn't recognize flying along in the background ;P

Stage: :iconharukasakurai:
Pokemon models: :icon2234083174: and :iconinkedbunny:
Berry accessory: :iconrooboid:
Effects: Diffusion7 and AdultShader
"A wild Parasect appeared!"

A grin lit up my face as I saw the Parasect standing there. I had never caught one of those before (I came close once, but it ran away), and I felt like this would be an excellent opportunity to register a new Pokemon into the Pokedex for Professor Willow. I planned out my strategy immediately--send out one of my two Pidgeots, flying types with a dual type advantage.

"Tornado, go!"

I tossed out the Pokeball and a Pidgeot burst out of it with a sharp shriek. He soared upward and circled over the Parasect. The giant insect didn't even look at the bird as it flew overhead.

"Tornado, use steel wing!"

Tornado swooped down and struck the Parasect with his wings. The Parasect wobbled for a moment and looked up for a second, before returning to its vacant expression.

"Now Tornado, use hurricane!"

A powerful wind was sent out from Tornado's huge wings, which promptly knocked the large insect out.

"Pokeball, go!"

I tossed the Pokeball at the Parasect, which promptly engulfed it and absorbed it in. The ball wobbled a tiny bit, but soon the Parasect stopped fighting.

"Yes!" I declared, "That was surprisingly easy! Tornado, return!"

Tornado was placed back in his ball and I smiled at the new Pokemon and the fact that it was registered to the Pokedex.

And then a thought occurred.

"Toadstool, come out!"

My Paras, Toadstool, emerged from her Pokeball. I smiled at her, wondering if she would like to meet an older version of her species, not to mention the powering up opportunities from the Paras candies it was holding. After Toadstool emerged, I managed to release the new Parasect and showed it to her.

"Toadstool, meet our new Parasect!"

Toadstool crawled over to the Parasect. She stared at it as it stared back. It made a strange, gurgling noise. Toadstool just looked at me in confusion.

"Wait," I said, "the Pokedex has a translation mode..."

I checked the translation mode and held the Pokedex up to the Parasect.

"Parasect, can you hear me?"

No response.

I tried again.

"Parasect, can you hear me?"

Again, no response.

"Parasect, can you hear me?"

The Parasect gurgled.

I smiled and looked down at the Pokedex. The screen said "Data Received, would you like to translate?"

I tapped "yes" immediately.


I stared. Then the dex's audio file revealed what Parasect was saying.

"There is no Parasect."

Confused, I looked at Toadstool. She tilted her head and then gestured toward the Parasect. She seemed to want me to try again.

"Parasect, I am your trainer."

Another gurgle. I translated it. This time, it said,

"There is no Parasect. And I have no trainer."

Confused, and a little frightened, I tried again.

"Parasect, I am speaking to a Parasect, right?"

Yet another, somewhat more agitated sounding gurgle. I translated it...and promptly regretted it.

"There is no Parasect. Parasect is dead. You are speaking to the mushroom. The mushroom is Parasect's master now. Parasect has no trainer."

Toadstool shrunk back a little. I felt a little queasy. I tried one more time...

" aren't serious here, are you?"

It was weird assuming that Pokemon had a sense of humor, let alone one this morbid, but I had to know. I had to figure out if this was just some cruel sick joke.

"Parasect no longer exists. Parasect's mind is forever lost to the mushroom. The mushroom is in control now. The mushroom is Parasect's master."

I immediately placed the Parasect in its Pokeball...which vanished out of sight, teleporting itself to the PC system.

I turned to look at Toadstool. She was terrified and I couldn't blame her--this glimpse at her potential future must have been incredibly sobering. She had started clinging to my ankle, shaking like a leaf.

I looked down and saw the orange and yellow candies left behind after I caught the Parasect. I picked them up, and handed them to her.

" need these."

Toadstool looked extremely agitated when I said this--again, I couldn't blame her--but I calmed her down, picking up the poor bug and hugging her.

"No's not for evolving. I just want you to be stronger...because I'm not going to evolve you. I'm never going to evolve you."

A tiny clicking noise escaped my terrified Paras' mouth.

"Don't worry, Toadstool, I'll never make you become like that...I promise."

Toadstool whimpered. I could tell she didn't want the candies right now. Again, I couldn't blame her. I returned her to her Pokeball and pocketed the candies for later.

I looked down at my Pokedex and checked the status on my Parasect. I needed to give him a nickname.

I decided to name him "Voodoo".
Pokemon (Go?) Creepypasta: Voodoo
In which an aspiring young Pokemon trainer learns that some things are better left untranslated...and unchanged.

My first _stab_ at a creepypasta! *dodges tomato* Please let me know if it sucks!

I've lately gained a whole new respect for Paras and Parasect--I honestly think these poor guys have it worse than Cubone and Marowak (though not nearly as bad as Yamask, I suppose).

Tbh, I have indeed resolved to never evolve Toadstool in Pokemon Go for this very reason. I did recently catch a Parasect though, so registering it to the Pokedex isn't much of a problem.

Pokemon, Pokemon Go and all Pokemon belong to Nintendo and Niantic
Happy Birthday again, AxelChakramz! by CJCroen
Happy Birthday again, AxelChakramz!
Another bday gift for my good pal :iconaxelchakramz:!

Lily and Tei's poses were by :iconaisuchuu: while I posed Yukari myself! ^_^
Lily model by Nerudora
I don't remember who made the Tei and Yukari models but it wasn't me.

Happy birthday, AxelChakramz!
.:Pokemon Go:. Someday... by CJCroen
.:Pokemon Go:. Someday...
...that's gonna be me.

I caught a Beedrill last night. I'm also real close to evolving Stinger into one!

Both models-:icon2234083174:

EDIT: As of today, Stinger is officially a Beedrill! Now I only have to evolve Toadstool and Poison Ivy and the whole core team will be complete!
.:Pokemon Go:. We've Come So Far by CJCroen
.:Pokemon Go:. We've Come So Far
It started small, just me and the Bulbasaur I chose as my starter. I named her Poison Ivy, and Professor Willow seemed happy at the choice I made. My sister had chosen Charmander and Squirtle went to someone else, but Poison Ivy and I...we'd be a team.

My first catch was fairly easy--a Rattata I found in my backyard. I named him Wormtail. It seemed a little unfair to name this bold, loud little creature after a slimy coward from my favorite book series, but I thought it was fitting. Wormtail and Poison Ivy didn't initially see eye to eye, but I was able to rope them in.

The third catch was a little unexpected, but she was also a creature I found in my backyard. It was a Paras, that strange little larval creature with the mushrooms on its back. She was a fairly feisty creature, whom I named Toadstool. She seemed to scare Poison Ivy and Wormtail a little, which I found amusing.

The next one was a double catch--two Pidgeys I found while trekking the hill in my backyard. Initially I had only seen one, who I caught and named Hurricane, but a second one flew in, evidently not happy that his brother had been taken. I decided to catch him too and named him Tornado.

My sixth and last on-hand Pokemon was a Weedle I named Stinger. He was adorable, though it was hard to keep Tornado and Hurricane away from him.

Since I already had six Pokemon on hand now, most of the next ones were sent to the PC storage systems. While I would withdraw them occasionally for gym battles, my main team was the original six ones I caught.

In time, they grew and learned. The first one I evolved was Tornado, who grew into a handsome Pidgeotto. Hurricane soon followed. It wasn't long before Wormtail and Stinger had evolved as well--Wormtail was fully grown now, and Stinger was pupating into a Beedrill. Soon it came time to evolve one of my two Pidgeottos into a Pidgeot. Since I had evolved Tornado first, I decided that it was only fair that Hurricane went next. Soon, however, I had two Pidgeots on my team, and so far, only Toadstool and Poison Ivy haven't evolved yet.

But I can wait. We've already come so very far, and we've got so far to go.

Okay, just as a head's up, my Bulbasaur, Kakuna and Paras haven't reached their final evolutions yet. That last part is just a hypothetical!
If you couldn't tell, I'm seriously lovin' Pokemon Go!

Self model-:iconcjcroen:
Hand poses-:iconfloramy:
Pokemon models-:icon2234083174:
Pokeball model-I can't remember
Effects-SSAO Lite and Diffusion7
We'll be driving back home tomorrow.
I'm going to call a friend of mine either when I get there or the day after, depending on our arrival time (AxelChakramz, you already know about this)--so I'm making sure that my phone's fully charged!
EDIT: Also, tomorrow's my birthday! :D
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